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Don't believe me, see the information and judge for yourself ! My reason for passing on this info to you all is because I strongly believe in,





If you do not know Alex Jones, please listen to his life broadcast and take a look at his pages while listening. I realize that sometimes he a bit hard but I can understand his frustration after all this years fighting the system!


cold fusion

Another cover up for years, see the amazing phenomenon archivers.


Riddles In Stone




Third Stage video




Very interesting interview with Michael Tsarion about his study of agent history and our connection to Egypt of the eighteenth dynasty, Atlantis, Illuminati etz ! And most important were do the jews really come from ? It really explains a lot why some stuff is happening in our world today ! I made a copy of the audio only on my server so you can  listen while you visit his sites.

The interview (Mp3)

Main site Michael Tsarion.

Other site of Michael Tsarion.


What about Al Gore's global warming ?

See the this video and it will sure change your mind !



One of the most important interviews you will ever see. Camelot Project, latest interview with ET INTERPRETER Sgt. Clifford Stone (disclosure project)



If you really want to know who rules the world true the banks click on the logo or look up in video google Aaron Russo.


Shadow Company With over $100 Billion in annual revenues and 70000 employees in Iraq alone, the private military industry is booming, yet few civilians know anything about it.

See Shadow Company and decide for yourself.


What an ENVIRONMENT problem ?

"Il n'y a pas de crise de l'Energie, mais simplement une crise d'Ignorance" B.Fuller

After seeing this there is none and anybody can build one!


Very important information about a future major HOAX a la "Impedance day" !


If this is not gonna change the world ...what is ?

See interview with Gordon Novel on Camera
More interviews on the Camelot site.


Never before has there been such a UFO ET disclosure of the web of lies and disinformation that the Governments of the world do not want you to know! Direct links to the interviews.


still...blaming my computer for the things I do

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