My TWISTED MIND energy solution for your home and car!

Elements and parts that are available for a reasonable price and you will be totally independent for your energy.
The main problem nowadays having first a clean energy producing device like wind, solar or even OU devices is to be able to store it in times of no use and to call up on that same energy in times of need.
In my opinion that being always the main problem is now solved in terms of the CAT motor of Guy Negre.
You can store any amount of energy you produce in your own place in the form of liquid air that you can use later at any point in time and any amount for your home and transport.
Of course depending on your energy needs you can put as many devices as you want.
An even more great thing about this invention is the while making your own energy storage
and using it you are cleaning polluted air.

The only thing that yet is not available that you can see on the picture is the interface.
The interface is to be build as controller and feedback device.
When I have more data on it I will put the details of how to build one on this page.

On the links you will be able to find more info about the different parts used.
Click on the parts itself for more info.

An even better solution of providing the power without the PMG226 is this free generator (no joke).

The Muller Dynamo as a working model.

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