Before going into the next links see The Race to Zero Point at VideoGoogle it explains a lot!

Aa other good start page to all the new and older energy devices.

Another very good explanation of free energy from the vacuum John Bedini website. http://www.icehouse.net/john34/

This seems to the latest in water fuel! He already has an offer of 1BILION $...no joke...but his life has also been threatened many times. I wonder how long its will take this one to disappear!

Sorry made a mistake here it seems he is already gone...news travels fast...murder to! Water Car Inventor (Murdered).The inventor is dead, but his seems to be the same process that the man in the Fox News report above was using.

LINK to more info

But then again in a way his knowledge lives on in this amazing invention even after a few were killed for it!


Finally here it is Tesla Motor with an electric roadster!
Not yet running on free energy but fast enough that's for sure! certainly if you want to compete with a Porche or Ferrari ! Guess who is the fastest ?
TEST PORCHE FERRARI against Wrightspeed electric supercar.


A lot of controversy about this foundation but never the less amazing! Make up your own mind. http://www.tilleyfoundation.com/

Believe it , they exist they even will be ready for public sales on the end of the year.THE CAR THAT RUNS ON AIR yes on PURE CLEAN AIR !


Here you can find the solution of my own twisted mind for your home and transport!
In my humble opinion the problem is not always the getting the energy as there is an abundance of it but more of how much you can store in times of abundance and release it when needed!


One of the best believe it or not they do exist motors that produce more then you put in !Say goodby to Newton and Einstein after seeing this quantum device.

Almost the same patented motor as the Adams motor like 90 % of those who make some kind of overunity magnetical type of motors, the difference with this company is they already started production in Australia.

This guy is a bit off a preacher but anyway his motor and generator are no joke...they really work.

An other motor that works, I like the political note.

Bruce De Palma, yes the brother of Brother of Brian De Palma the film producer, he is no longer with us but please listen to his interview with Rense ( radio personality )...he leaves a legacy!

Tim Hardwood looks a bit a wierdo like me but he know apparently a lot and his links ...wow!

I think personaly think that Jean-Louis Naudin belongs to another planet...lol...he not only is a theoretical guy, no he actually reproduces old stuff and makes also for example space propulsion and anti gravity machines...no joke this is for real...great person.

"Le chemin qui mne la perfection et l'amour est au fond de nous...
Regarde avec ton esprit, prends conscience de ce qui est en toi depuis toujours, fais usage de ta science, enseigne la, fais la partager et tu trouveras la voie de l'envol...." Richard Bach << Jonathan Livingston le Goland >>


What an ENVIRONMENT problem ? After seeing this there is none and anybody can build one! "Il n'y a pas de crise de l'Energie, mais simplement une crise d'Ignorance" B.Fuller

Paramahamsa Tewari was born on January 6, 1937, He retired in 1997 from his position as Executive Nuclear Director, Nuclear Power Corporation, Department of Atomic Energy, India, and is the former Project Director of the Kaiga Atomic Power Project.

This links are if you really want to go deep in to this technology know how it works theoretically at least...and if you have the time for it.

last but not least here is a spooky quantum space story that at first looks sience fiction but if you then compare it with the Hutchinson effect it really looks not so crazy at all.

The remarkable Hutchison-Effect! The effect, named for legendary Canadian inventor John Hutchison!http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5787522280823887082&q=Hutchison

Do they have control over the weather? FICTION?
After seeing this you'll definitely change your mind!
http://www.cheniere.org/misc/brightskies5.htm http://www.metatech.org/cloudbuster_&_orgone_generator.html http://www.cheniere.org/index2.html
France Germany


yes still here...blaming my computer for the things I do wrong...lol...

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